​​Frequently Asked Questions?
Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the Lion’s Chase. Feel free to contact us directly by email at lionschase@gmail.com with any additional questions.

How much does it cost?
$40 until 11:59pm Wednesday May 18, 2022

$45 until 11:59pm Wednesday June 8, 2022

$50 until 11:59pm Wednesday July 6, 2022

$55 until 11:59pm Wednesday August 10, 2022

$60 until 11:59pm Wednesday August 24, 2022

$65 until 11:59pm Wednesday September 7, 2022

$80 on Race Day Saturday September 10, 2022

How will the event be timed?
The Lion’s Chase will be professionally timed which will provide accurate and quick results.   

Can I Participate as an individual or do i need a team?
Lion's Chase is an individual race.  Each participant will be timed individually.  The team element is an added bonus for those who would like to run together or have their times compiled to compete in the team competition.

How many people can be on a team?  Do we have to start at the same time?
Teams can be as large as you would like and team members do not have to start during the same flight.  You just need a minimum of 5 members to compete in the team competition.  A total team time will be generated by averaging the top 5 individual times.

Where is a good place to stay the night before?
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is less than 5 miles away from the Lion's Chase and has a beautiful lodge and excellent cabins!  When booking use PROMO CODE "
LCR" and receive a 15% discount.  For reservations call (606) 528-4121

Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort is only 3 miles away from Lion's Chase and offers resort cabins, rustic cabins, RV Camping, Tent Camping, & Group Camping.  For reservations call (800) 541-7238​

Laurel Lake Camping Resort located very close to Lion's Chase at 80 Robert Blair Highway Corbin, KY 40701 offers deluxe cabins, RV Parking, and Tent Camping Sites.  For reservations call (606) 526-7876 

How old must I be to participate?
The recommended age for a Lion’s Chase participant is 14 years old.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver that is signed by a parent. The decision is solely on the parent whether or not they feel their child is old enough to participate in the race. If the Parent feels that their child is prepared to run in the Lion’s Chase then the child may register and participate. 

Do spectators have to pay to watch?
How about a resounding NO! We love having folks come watch. We know our Lions love having family and friends with them on race day, to watch them on the hunt and cheer them on. Spectators are welcome to join the event, probably get a big mud hug and watch the course and some obstacles in the spectator viewing area all at no cost. The more the merrier!

How Much Does Parking Cost?  
The cost of parking is $10.  Please have cash ready.  Car-pooling is highly encouraged.  Parking is on site with NO SHUTTLES!!!

Where will I pick up my Registration Packet?  When can I pick up?
All registration packets will be available the day of the Lion’s Chase starting at 7:30am.  The registration booth will be open until the last flight of the day.  Your packet includes your race bib with safety pins, plenty of goodies from our sponsors, and your t-shirt.

*Race packets and materials must be picked up on-site. They will not be shipped to participants.

When should I arrive?
We suggest getting to the parking area at least 1 hour before your flight start time.  This will allow for parking, picking up your registration package, stretching, and any other last minute items.

Can I register on site?
Yes, race day registration will be available on site for $80.  Save a ton of money and register now!

How do I create a team?
Go to lionschase.com and click “Register now” on the left side of the page. After selecting your flight and t-shirt size, select “create a team” from the dropdown.  You can then identify the captain and a password if desired.  Teams without a password will be free to join by other participants and an email will be sent to the captain after any new team members have registered.

What Do I need to bring with me?
All registered participants will need to bring a Photo ID, a copy of the signed event waiver
Click Here for Waiver.  We suggest you also bring an extra set of clothes, towel, a gallon of water to clean off with, and maybe a few bucks.

What about costumes?
Absolutely!  We love costumes.  Wear something that can get dirty and also please wear shoes!  Remember this is the Lion’s Chase so Jungle Themed and especially Lion Costumes will get extra credit!

What type of athlete or runner do I need to be?
Finishing the Lion’s Chase is more about mental toughness than being in great shape.  The course is 3.1 miles of pure fun.  You can walk or run.  You can be an avid runner, or just someone looking to have a fun day with friends.  The obstacles will be challenging, but FUN and if you can’t complete any of them, there will be an alternate exercise which will take more time but be less demanding physically.  Our goal is to have a great time and we believe folks of all sorts can tackle the Lion’s Chase!

How difficult are the trails and what about the obstacles?  What if I can’t make it through one?
The Lion’s Chase will take place within the wooded and open trails.  The terrain will be dirt, gravel, grass, and of course some mud.  It is challenging, but all trails will be wide enough for walkers if you need to take a break.

As for the obstacles, there will be walls, crawling, jumping, and climbing.  You might find yourself running through a creek or swimming in a pond.  Each obstacle will have an alternate exercise, so if a participant doesn’t think they can pull it off, they can perform the alternate exercise which will take more time but be less demanding physically.

Lastly, there will be a number of course monitors and medical folks throughout the course.  We want this to be a SAFE and FUN event and if anyone can’t continue, we will promptly get them back to the post-race area.

Will there be a gear check available?
No.  Parking is within close proximity to the start and finish and participants will have easy access their vehicles.  We will have a key check at registration for keys only.

Is Lion’s Chase Safe? 
There's certainly risk involved in Lion’s Chase, but we take every precaution possible to get you to the finish line safely. You enter Lion’s Chase at your own risk.

Lion’s Chase is So Awesome.  Could You Please Come to My Area?
Lion’s Chase is always open to new locations and partnerships.  Lion’s Chase is a Faith Based organization that partners with local organizations to raise funds for worthy causes. 

 Can I Get a Refund?
Sorry, no refunds under any circumstances.